Apartmageddon Chapter Two is complete!

The rest of Chapter Two is now up at Apartmageddon.com! There’s also been a couple of requests for t-Shirts, most likely of the “Let the Apocalypse Begin!” panel. I’ll definitely look into this, once I have enough readers to make it worthwhile. Keep reading, and thanks for everyone’s support!

And feel free to comment here. I’d love to hear what people think so far!

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  • vancouverizer

    I love the artwork and I’m looking forward to finding out where the story is going. You’ve managed to create two excellent cliffhangers so far.

    • Mike Jackson

      So glad you’re enjoying it! Yeah, I like how the episodic nature lets me do little cliff-hangers. But I also use a trick I first noticed from Alan Moore – Always try to have the end of each page tease what comes next, so it’s a mini cliffhanger each time you turn the page!

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