Agreement Of Lozan

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All issues arising from the recognition of the State of Egypt are settled by agreements that will be negotiated at a later date in a manner to be determined later between the powers concerned. The provisions of this treaty concerning the separate territories of Turkey under that treaty do not apply to Egypt. The various States concerned undertake to provide the Borders Commission with all the documents necessary for their task, including authentic copies of existing or old border agreements, all existing large-format maps, geodesic data, completed but unpublished investigations, and information on changes to border waterways. Maps, geodesic data and investigations, even if they are not published and are held by the Turkish authorities, must be delivered to the President of the Commission in Constantinople with the least possible delay after this treaty enters into force. Roumania and Turkey agree on a fair settlement of the working conditions of the Constanza-Constantinople cable. If the agreement is not reached, the matter will be settled by arbitration. Within one month of the final determination of the amount of pensions for which each of the States concerned is responsible, in accordance with Article 47, a committee meets in Paris to determine the method of allocating nominal capital of Ottoman public debt as defined in Part A of the table attached to this section. This allocation is based on the quotas chosen for the distribution of pensions and takes into account the terms of the loan agreements and the provisions of this section. This section does not apply to cases between Japan and Turkey which, under this treaty, would fall within the jurisdiction of the Joint Arbitration Tribunal.

These cases are resolved by mutual agreement between the two governments. The Commission in paragraph 1 is composed of a representative of the Turkish government, a representative of the Ottoman Public Debt Council, a representative of debt other than single debt and the Turks` Lots; Each of the governments concerned also has the right to appoint a representative. Any issue on which the Commission may not be able to reach an agreement is referred to the adjudicator in article 47, paragraph 4. The governments concerned, by appointment, appoint a secretary general for each court and each join one or more secretaries. The Secretary-General and the Secretaries are subject to the orders of the Tribunal, which, with the agreement of the governments concerned, has the power to hire anyone he or she needs. (b) leases and respite agreements for land and houses that have been concluded between individuals. If the cables or parts transferred under the previous paragraph are private property, the governments to which this property is transferred must compensate the owners.

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