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Under Section 195 of the Income Tax Act, an NRI that sells real estate in India can apply for a tax-exempt certificate from national income tax authorities. However, the notification must belong to the same jurisdiction as the applicant`s PAN card, with evidence of capital capital gains reinvestment. Despite the global economic slowdown, the real estate market in India is a lucrative investment option for non-resident Indians (INNs). The favourable exchange rate and improved transparency have had a positive impact on NRL appreciations. In our article What NRIs Need: Our Guide to Investing in Real Estate in India, we wrote about the documents needed to purchase real estate in India. But what about the documents relating to the sale of a property? Here is a list of the common documents you need to sell a property in India: By chance, “What documents NGOs need when selling a property” is also one of the most frequently asked questions about Quora. So we talked to our legal expert and got a list of essentials. The seller receives the proceeds of the sale minus the TDS and the buyer receives Form 16A or the TDS certificate. You can check the tax credit for taxes deducted at source via Form 26AS.

In the absence of originals from the above documents, the seller must contact a lawyer who would assist him with a certificate to prove that he is the rightful owner of the property. The lawyer will perform his due diligence and withdraw a title report from the property in question. As soon as he is convinced, he will publish a public notice in an English/Hindi newspaper and in a regional language and will wait for the time to see if anyone claims the right to the property in question. Once convinced, the lawyer would issue a certificate stating that the seller is the rightful owner of the property. An NRI selling real estate in India is subject to a list of terms and conditions while bringing back a property inherited from an Indian resident. Once these conditions are met, NRAs will be able to expedite the process of repatriating the proceeds of the sale without the authorization of the Reserve Bank of India. On the other hand, if the NRI has inherited the property of someone who is not of Indian origin, they must obtain permission from the central bank.

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