Hall Hire Agreements

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1. During this agreement: Byfield Village Hall, where called “us”; “our” must be interpreted accordingly and mean “we” and “we” and include charitable trustees, employees, volunteers, agents and guests of the village house – the person or organization designated by the tenant booking form is called “you”; and “your” should be interpreted accordingly; “You” includes members of your management committee (if any), your coworkers, volunteers, agents and guests – where you need to get our consent, tell us something or give us something, you must speak to the reservation secretary or, if the reservation secretary is not available, to one of our administrators 25 and get the agreement. Availability of WiFi (i) While we want to offer the best WiFi service possible, we do not promise that WiFi will meet your needs. We cannot guarantee that our WiFi service is easily and accessible at all times. (ii) It is your responsibility to ensure that every WiFi-enabled device you use is compatible with our WiFi service and is enabled. The availability and performance of our WiFi service are subject to all storage, storage and other restrictions on your device. Our WiFi service is only available to your device if it is located in the operating area of the main lobby. (iii) We are not responsible for data, messages or sites that you lose or that are misdirected due to interruptions or performance issues with our WiFi service or wireless communications networks in general. We may, at our sole discretion, impose usage or service restrictions, suspend service or block certain types of use in order to protect other users of our WiFi service. Network speed is not an indication of how fast your WiFi-enabled device or WiFi service sends or receives data. The actual speed of the network depends on configuration, compression and network overload.26 Privacy and Data Protection (i) We can collect and store personal data through your use of our WiFi service.

ii) We may process all information about you relating to our WiFi service, in accordance with your legal rights under the 1998 data protection and only for the provision of WiFi service. iii) Using our WiFi service, you accept the terms of term 26.

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