Psa Ird Collective Agreement

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During this period, PSA and the Chief Executive will meet to reach an agreement on the options that are available to surplus staff who are members of the EPI. Options: During the discussion on work schedules, ErO/PSA recognized the importance of well-being for ERO employees. Work requirements mean that sometimes a few days are long due to travel or school/service requirements. We expect managers/collaborators to work together and collaboratively to cope with these schedules by offering adequate flexibility, offering the opportunity to update and manage time to allow the use of holidays, and to reflect on the practice of our work. “We are proud that thousands of hard-working New Zealanders have come together for substantial improvements in their pay and conditions, and we know that this would not have been the case without their collective determination to commit to change.” After confirmation and agreement between the Executive Chief and PSA on reassignment, when vacancies are still vacant and candidates are PSA members, the employer and the EPI will meet to assess the skills of all employees who do not yet have a position and to reach agreement on the process for appointing new positions. (c) if the worker chooses the transfer to the new employer, the worker is not entitled to the termination of the employment relationship at the Agency (or the payment of the wage instead of the latter) under this agreement. Temporary workers are only covered by certain clauses of this agreement. The terms and conditions as contained in the collective agreement, which may apply to temporary workers who are members of the EPI, are contained in Appendix II of this agreement. 7.8.5 For workers who are already entitled to long-term leave under previous collective agreements (see Article 13 of the basic conditions), this provision does not diminish this right and this provision will not allow for the doubling of rights (for example. B periods of service cannot be counted twice for long-term leave granted under different rules). Members of the Inland Revenue Public Services Association are celebrating the ratification of a new collective agreement in which many employees receive a salary of 17% over three years. Both the department and the union are committed to a separate relationship agreement that should address contentious issues that can be resolved at an early stage before legal or industrial disputes. However, Madison employees received less than the livelihoods employed in 90-day studies and were not entitled to meal or overtime benefits under the current collective agreement between PSA and Inland Revenue.

b) an agreement is reached between the candidates who will be transferred to the candidates if there is a clear preference among potential candidates to increase other options under this agreement. These provisions apply to workers who are or may be affected by a restructuring situation. They apply to all workers who expect sustainable employment in all respects. They do not apply to workers who are employed on a temporary basis in accordance with point 3.3 and who have obtained the expiry of a temporary agreement. The union argues that these employees are effectively employed by the IRD and not by Madison and that they earn equal pay and the same conditions for their colleagues under the new collective agreement. PSA members in the Department of Internal Revenue (IRD) voted overwhelmingly in favour of ratifying a new collective agreement ending a high-level conflict. When a worker is required by his supervisor to work overtime, an equivalent amount of free time is granted by mutual agreement between the supervisor and the worker, on the basis of one hour of free time, for one hour of work.

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