What Is A Planning Performance Agreement

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First-line advice requested by the local planning authority cannot prejudge the democratic decision-making process or a given outcome when a formal planning request is made. Consultation, however, could be an essential consideration that must be taken into account and taken into account when planning. Performance agreement planning is an ideal opportunity to identify the preferred approach to community engagement, including identifying the communities to be involved, the engagement process and the best approach to integrating their views. We cannot guarantee the result of a planning request, but with listing at a fixed AAE price, you have the best chance of getting a positive conclusion. You will also get a higher level of officer participation and community involvement in your program. There is no one-stop-shop to provide effective and effective pre-application services. Local planning authorities are encouraged to make the prior applications they propose flexible, tailor-made and timely, in line with the nature and scale of the proposed evolution. As part of the national planning policy, it is recognized that the local planning authority has a key role to play in encouraging other parties to make maximum use of the application phase. When a planning request for a major development proposal is submitted without a planning performance agreement, we treat it as a routine application as part of our team`s existing workload, with no dedicated resources. It is determined without the long-term dialogue that usually takes place through such systems. A potential applicant should expect a clear, timely and relevant vision of the merits of a development proposal, as well as clear advice on consultation requirements and notifications to be submitted with a formal planning request. As noted above, we are committed to coordinating interdepartmental work. However, in the case of large, complex projects, other stakeholders from partner organizations should be required to respond in a timely and proactive manner to each project.

Other stakeholders, including County Council and Statutory Agencies (Highway Agency, Environment Agency and Natural England), are invited, if necessary, to commit to participate prior to the application. In addition, where major development sites go beyond the borders of local communities, we will ensure that the common approach to work is fully transformed. The local planning authority is committed to sharing existing information with development interests. All project team members will work on our behalf in the public interest and ensure the quality program to achieve the objectives of the local development framework and relevant policy documents. Public servants express their own professional opinions, which provide guidance to the applicant. The guidelines do not link public servants to final recommendations and do not overwhelm the requirement that a formal planning request be made without prejudice and within the legal requirements of existing planning legislation. In principle, AAEs can be used for each application.

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