Paris Agreement Cambodia Pdf

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Article VII Cessation of external military assistance to all Cambodian parties A Joint Military Working Group (MMWG) will be set up to resolve any problems that may arise in compliance with the ceasefire. It is chaired by the highest ranking UN officer in Cambodia or his representative. Each Party undertakes to designate an officer at the rank of Brigadier or equivalent Officer for service within the MMWG. Its composition, operational method and venue shall be determined by the highest military officer of the United Nations, in consultation with the parties. Similar liaison arrangements are made at lower levels of military command in order to solve practical problems on the ground. 1. Afghanistan 2. Albania 3. Algeria 4. Andorra 5.

Angola 6. Antigua and Barbuda 7. Argentina 8. Australia 9. Austria 10. Azerbaijan 11. Bahamas 12. Bahrain 13. .

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