Physician Assistant Collaborative Agreement New York

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Many PRs work for 2 or more healthcare providers or in a facility with patients cared for by several different doctors. Sed does not necessarily require the NP to enter into several cooperation agreements in such situations. For example, only a person registered by the service as a medical assistant may, depending on his or her name, use the title “medical assistant” or the letters “P.A.” According to nys Education Law Section 6547, a medical assistant who provides first aid or emergency care at the scene of the accident or outside a hospital or medical practice is not liable for damages, injury or death, unless it is established that the injury or death was caused by gross negligence. PRs are recognized as primary suppliers in state policy. These legal prohibitions on “fee-splitting” and “kick-backs” are intended to ensure that medical and care decisions are based on informed clinical judgment that is not affected by economic or commercial considerations. . . .

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